What we do?

Based in Kolkata (West Bengal, India). Wonder Jute (S D Creations) started its business operations in the year 2021 by the founder, Mr. Sunil Malu. He holds vast experience in the field of business, working as a proprietor, a partner, and as a director In various business fields like Salt, Electrical, wholesale and retail since year 2000.

While keeping in mind environmental degradation, wonder jute gives the opportunity to use greener alternatives which are in demand by many. Plastic/polythene bags are becoming the cause of global problems like land, water, and air pollution. The use of paper bags has been harmful to the environment as it becomes the major cause of deforestation. To reduce the usage of all the products which are slowly becoming the cause of environmental degradation, wonder jute has decided to use a 100% biodegradable and plant-based fiber alternative also known as the golden fiber of nature, the wonder fabric-"wonder jute".

Why Wonder Jute

Wonder Jute has focused on innovating jute bags according to the upgrading fashion trends and styles. We give our best to make the product top class.

Quality Manufacturing
Global Delivery

Manufacturing Process

We create everything from ourselves and deliver it with utmost care.

Dyes & Paints

We are a company that makes jute bags of top quality and believe in serving our customers to the greatest extent. Jute can be blended with other fibers, both synthetic and natural.

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